Digital Marketing Agency Notes

How Long Will You Need a Digital Agency For?

Most digital agencies in Melbourne specialise in a variety of effective marketing strategies, from social media services right through to search engine optimisation. These services can often help even the smallest of companies to climb through the ranks and become a prominent online presence – and in some cases these businesses can go on to enjoy 5, 6 and 7 figure profits annually.

But how long will you need to hire a digital agency before you start to see results – and for what amount of time will you need to keep them on board to secure your companies’ productivity?

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

When looking for an agency, a good place to start is with a quick Google search. The more prominent the marketing agency, the higher up it should display within search results – but this can also effect the price. Better services do often charge more, but as the results are often clear for all to see, these initial expenses can be fairly minimal.

In most cases, a reliable marketing company will say that results will typically be visible within the space of a month. These results will be a fraction of where the strategy should be going however, but as long as you see movement you shouldn’t have to worry. When it comes to SEO for example, movement can be seen within Google’s search results as quickly as within a week (or even less sometimes).

To really see the desired results however, this can take up to 6 months (although most experts will suggest a time frame of 9 months to be safe). As the months go by, the agency will need to consistently be paid in order to maintain the growth, or else the strategy will usually come to an end and the website being ranked may experience a drop in search results.

How Long Will An Agency Need to Be Hired After Results?

The key to an effective online presence is consistency. Without consistent upkeep, a website may find itself dropping within search results. If you are planning on using an SEO agency in Melbourne to help with the maintenance of your website’s online visibility, then it’s worth noting that for as long as you want to enjoy the high position once the desired results are achieved; you will need to maintain the expense.

Considering that in many cases the cost of ranking highly can be as low as $2000 AUD, with the potential to make several times that a month for competitive keywords, it should come as no surprise to learn that plenty of Australian companies consider the investment a necessity – and a means to a substantial end.