Reviewing A Broker

The review of the best online discount stock brokers.

The team at reviewed all the top discount stock brokers, and gave them ratings to see which was the best.

Here is the full version of the infographic:

All the brokers were tested on:

– commission rates
– online tools
– speed of responses
– helpfulness of replies
– professionalism

We ranked the top discount brokers based on our findings, so that you can see which would be the best broker for you. Depending on what is important to you (speed of execution, rates, policies), the discount broker which may be best could be quite different than the top broker for someone else.

By reviewing our findings, you will see which of the online discount brokers are the best, and which ones top the others.

Do not choose an online discount broker without first checking to see how the broker you like is ranked and rated! .

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