Tips On Hiring An Electrical Contractor For Your New House Build

Following tips will help you choose the right electrical contractor for your new house electrical project.

Registered and Licensed
This is the first and most important thing to check when you hire any electrical contractor. When you hire a qualified and certified electrician, you are assured of high quality professional workmanship. Most importantly, if the contractor fails to deliver on the promises, you can file a complaint against this company with the relevant government departments. You will be compensated and the contractor will be penalised.

Insured Electricians
The electricians sent by the contractor at your property must be properly insured. It ensures you do not have to pay any compensation if a member of the contractor’s team suffers injury or dies while working on your electrical project.

A new house electrical project can be started only after obtaining the necessary approvals and permits from the local authorities. You can get these approvals on your own but it is better to let the electrical contractor obtain the requisite approvals for you. A local contractor knows how to get these permits from the right departments. It speeds up the process of getting the permits.

Experience in the Type of Electrical Project You Have
Check the electrical service company’s team size and its experience in this field. Electrical contractors who do not have an experienced team of electricians, electrical engineers and other professionals do not have the expertise and resources to handle large and complex electrical project of a new house. Make sure the contractor has experience of working on similar projects.

Payment Plan
Do not pay the contractor with cash. Do not pay the full amount in advance before the project starts or the work is completed. You must receive a project contract in writing before the project starts. The contract document must be duly signed by both you and the contractor. It should clearly explain how the payment will be made at each milestone. You do have to make some payments before the work starts but you do not have to make the full payment at that time. Pay gradually at the completion of each milestone of the project.

Keep in mind that some contractors are licensed, insured and bonded but it is simply a business license. Some contractors are registered but not allowed to work beyond a certain monetary limit. Some contractors subcontract the work. Check all these details when hiring an electrical contractor for your electrical project.